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26 October 2009

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The purpose of this site is "try before buy", just like an online HMV & "save your time for making your music clipsoff you original CD". These music clips are for evaluational purposes only. Delete all downloaded music clips within 24 hours. All the songs here are copyrighted to their respectful companies. Support these artists by purchasing their original CD online or the CD store nearby. For music companies: The songs here are used for evaluational and advertising purposes only.
On this website(http:/ you find links that lead to audio files. These files are stored somewhere else on the internet and are NOT a part of this website. http:/ does NOT carry ANY responsibility for them, http:/ ONLY COLLECTS links and INDEXES other sites contents. http:/ DOES NOT store or make available for download ANY audio and/or video files on IT systems. When accessing audio files on the Internet, you are accessing content over which http:/ has NO control. The content in those files is determined entirely by other parties who make those files available on the Internet and those other parties are solely responsible for such content. http:/ has NO control over that content and has NO responsibility for such content. Rather, http:/ is merely providing access to such content as a SERVICE to you. http:/ expects all who use the Internet to abide by all laws, including all COPYRIGHT and other intellectual property laws. http:/ believes that persons who make information available on the World Wide Web do so with the expectation that such information will be publicly and widely available. http:/ further believes that its indexing of links to publicly accessible audio files available at this site is legally permissible and consistent with the common, customary expectations of those who make use of the Internet media

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