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12 December 2009

e-Kamus v5.02.06 Professional Edition [PORTABLE]

"Language Intelligence At Your Fingertips"

Smooth and Convenient Word Look Up With Double Click and Mouse Move Functions

What's New In e-Kamus 5.02?

e-Kamus 5.02 has been developed with the latest technology. It is equipped with new functions that makes the software become more competitive in the market. The voice-over function, text capture and also Malay Spelling Checker are strongly believe would help user to enhance their skills and improve their knowledge.

New in e-Kamus version 5.02.

1. e-Kamus window has been improved that the user can change the window’s skin at any time. Other than that, separation of words list is not combined in a list box only. The user only need to use the Up and Down Cursor to scroll the meanings in the list window.
2. The contents of e-Kamus format has been upgraded. Hence the explanation is displayed in more interesting and easier format.
3. Improved capability of scanning system. In e-Kamus Version 5.01, only ‘Double Click’ was used. Now in e-Kamus Version 5.02, the ‘Double Click’ capability has been improved with a new function called ‘Mouse Move’. The ‘Mouse Move’ method makes e-Kamus more interesting and effective while searching in text-based applications such as internet browsers, Microsoft Word, Notepad and others.
4. ‘Add/Remove Dictionary’ function enables e-Kamus users to incorporate with any of new contents to e-Kamus system.
5. Dictionary within a dictionary is the latest method where users may view the search results using different dictionary that are available in e-kamus system. Hence, user may get details explanation about the searched word.
6. Update and Upgrade. Users may update and upgrade the software via internet with shorter duration and more effective.

There are many more interesting features in e-Kamus 5.02. Please browse e-Kamus 5.02 features and functionality below to see why our dictionary software is standing out from the crowd.


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Dictionary Editor

Advantages of Editor Program

The Editor Program allows you to build your own dictionary. You may add new words for your record. Among the advantages are:

1. You may create your own dictionary such as foreign dictionary or term dictionary.
2. You may also edit or update existing dictionary.
3. You may import from other dictionary file.
4. Export dictionary file to e-Kamus 5.02 format (.edc -> .dic).
5. Set your explanation text into various format ( Bold, Italic, etc).
6. Further details information is available in Help menu at Dictionary Editor window.

Dictionary Editor Function can be divided into three categories:

Voice Function

BRITISH and US English Pronunciation.

e-Kamus is built up with British and US Pronunciation. With latest technology, user may listen to two types of voice that has been installed in the e-Kamus system and listen the right pronunciation of the word. E-Kamus system is using real voice for its pronunciation.

1. Auto Search.
2. Mouse Move.
3. Double Click.
4. X-View.

Add-on Billigual Dictionaries and Terminologies

e-Kamus Dictionary software also provides it users to add additional dictionaries to the software. To use this feature the user only have to use ADD/REMOVE DICTIONARY function in the menus. With your purchase, you also will receive 16 additional dictionary databases as described below:

1. Mathematics Dictionary (Malay)

2. Malay Dictionary 3rd Edition

3. Malay Dictionary 4th Edition

4. English-Malay Dictionary (DBP)

5. Science Terminology Dictionary (Malay)

6. Computer Terminology Dictionary (Malay)

7. Malay-English Dictionary (KM)

8. English-Malay Dictionary (TMS)

9. English Dictionary (OXF)

10. Dictionary of Medicine

11. Dictionary of Computer

12. English Dictionary (PC)

13. Malay-Arabic Dictionary

14. Malay-Chinese Dictionary

15. English-Indonesia Dictionary

16. Indonesia-English Dictionary

Note: Main dictionary- Alaf Teras Malay-English and English Malay Billingual Dictionary are provided inside the software.


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